Make Your Marriage Ceremony Glamorous With KTC Wedding Car-Rentals

A wedding is the most important day of your life, and what could be better than making it extra special with a touch of grandeur and luxury?

India is famous for its grand weddings, which are colloquially termed the Big Fat Indian weddings, and require a lot of effort to arrange and manage. Nowadays, there are event planners who manage the complete wedding ceremony. But when it comes to luxury transportation services for the VIP guests and demands of vintage cars, one name stands out: KTC India, an 8-decade-old organisation with a fleet of 1000+ luxury cars and wide experience in handling logistics for big events.

With rising incomes and a renewed demand for comfort and luxury, there is an increased appetite among everyone to experience the best, which has boosted demand for destination weddings and luxury car rentals for weddings.

Hire a Luxury Car for Wedding Events

KTC, known as Karachi Taxi Company was set up in pre-independence India in 1943 with the sole aim of providing excellent transport services to its customers. Eight decades and three generations later, KTC, a family run business, has become a pioneer and a name to reckon with in providing high-end luxury car rental & transport solutions.

With KTC, you get more than just luxury car rental. We are an end-to-end transportation service company. KTC provides a professional staff chauffeur and hygienic, personalised cars as per your requirements.

If you are planning on getting married anytime soon and want to stay away from the hassle of worrying about the logistics. Book KTC’s wedding car rental and experience luxury like never before.

Explore Our Fleet Range For Wedding Car Rentals

We offer a wide variety of vehicles from our fleet, which is proudly the largest luxury vehicle fleet in India. Our most sought-after cars for weddings are vintage cars and executive luxury cars like Mercedes E and S classes, BMWs class 5 and 7, Jaguars, and Range Rovers.

If you are looking forward to arriving at your wedding destination in a luxury car like a king, book KTC’s vintage cars and make your wedding picture-perfect. Explore our luxury car fleet here.

Why Choose KTC’s Wedding Car Rental?

Ease and Comfort

A wedding car rental service can make it easier to travel to your wedding destination. A chauffeur and logistics team will ensure pick-up and departure times are followed. It will not only save your time and hassle of arranging vehicles and constantly talking to guests and the logistics team.

A Wide Fleet: From Vintage to Luxury

We have a large fleet of vehicles that includes exquisite vintage cars bought from the erstwhile Maharajas of India, along with ultra-modern luxury cars like BMWs and Jaguars. With the largest luxury car fleet in India, KTC is ready to make your wedding truly memorable.

Magnetism for luxury vehicles

Luxury vehicles are a head-turner everywhere in the world. When you step out of the car dressed like a king or queen on your wedding day, you are undoubtedly going to turn heads. It will also add to the grandeur of your wedding, as we like to call it: a big, fat Indian wedding.

A dedicated professional team

This ensures that family members and guests won’t be anxious about any delays. Instead, they can relax and focus on the most important things and carry out the ceremonies without worries. Our dedicated logistics team ensures a seamless experience for your guests and provides the best-in-market services to make your big day memorable.

On your Big Day, do you want to marry like a Maharaja and take your better half for a ride in a luxury car?

A wedding is a celebration of commitment and love. It is a special day that you want to enjoy and cherish long after it is gone and like every couple, you would want to make it perfect. There are a plethora of preparations that go in before a wedding, and one of them is renting a car for your wedding that adds to your style statement, personality and goes with your attire.

We know it sounds really complex, and you might be stressing over it. That is why KTC is here to assist you in making your day truly remarkable.

Need a luxury car for your wedding? Call KTC, sit back, and relax while we handle everything for you. From picture-perfect moments to a smooth ride, we promise you an experience you will never forget. From vintage to ultra-luxury modern cars for weddings, we provide all types of luxury cars for rent with exceptional transportation services.

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