Perks of Renting Long Term Luxury Car from KTC India

Gone are the days when riding a luxury car was a distant dream. With the availability of luxury car rental platforms like KTC India, your dream of owning a Mercedes or an SUV can become a reality.

Long-term renting allows you to own the luxuries of premium cars for a particular period. It helps you experience luxury just like you own it. Whether it is for impressing your loved one or planning a family trip with a high-end SUV, long rental car companies help you in more ways than one. A recent survey states that the car rental market size will shoot from 92.92 million in 2019 to 214.04 billion by 2027. It is a clear indicator of the broad options you get to choose to rent a car to live your dream. With so many companies out there, it is often difficult to choose the one to offer the best experience for you and your family.

Why Choose KTC for a Long-term Rental Luxury Car?
Long-term rental of luxury cars is an impeccable concept that we excellently deliver to our customers. KTC India is a closely-knit organization with decades of expertise in providing top-class services. Our expertise guarantees you quick access to leasing luxury cars of your choice. When you rent a long term luxury car rental from KTC India, you get the following advantages:

Perk #1: Hop on to new or well-maintained cars throughout your lease period.All our cars are as good as new. We constantly upgrade our fleet to ensure our customers enjoy a flamboyant experience. The first time you use the vehicle, it would smell and feel like you bought it straight from the showroom. Our rental lease period depends on the duration of your choice. We offer exclusive, customized service and flexibility in choosing the kilometres and destinations along with the duration. Our quintessential fleet of luxury cars offers an everlasting driving pleasure.

Perk #2: Ride as you own it, without worrying about its maintenance.
From the time you sign a lease agreement with us, you own the luxury car for the chosen lease duration. You may think that ownership comes with the responsibility of maintaining the vehicle, which adds to hassles and lease complications. However, with us, all you need to focus on is to plan your days with our luxury car.

Perk #3 Customize the car with your favorite gadget or upholstery
Our years of experience in delivering services to expats and corporations have taught us that every client’s needs are different. Therefore, to satisfy the different technical affinities of different people, we introduced the operation to customize the gadgets and upholstery in the car. We ensure you get a wholesome feeling of ownership during the lease period. All you need is to talk to us before picking up the car for lease. This way, we can customize the car and get it ready for you, just the way you had dreamt your luxury car to be. We install the best quality durable luxury car accessories, so you can enjoy driving the car without worrying about the maintenance of the same.

Perk #4: Top-notch luxury car driving experience

Being pioneers in luxury car renting, we have deep expertise in creating a wholesome customer experience to make cruising luxurious for you.

Perk #5: Transparent lease agreement

We cater to all your needs and are transparent about every clause in our lease agreement. Our rent rates are flexible and free from hidden charges. The charges are usually calculated based on the duration of the lease and the car’s model.

Perk #6: Self-drive or get chauffeur-driven cars

We have professionally trained chauffeurs always ready at your service. If you are not happy with the assigned chauffeur, you can request a replacement. Also, if you want to experience the power of metal beauty yourself, you can opt for self-drive cars. We offer complete flexibility in these aspects and keep our customers’ preferences at highest priority.

Perk # 7: High-rated services

Our luxury car rental services are one of the highest-rated in the country. We not only give you the best car, but also offer insights on its maintenance, route plans to your travel destination, etc. This way, you get to drive a healthy luxury car throughout the lease period.


Long-term luxury car rentals are the best possible way to enjoy the power of mechanical marvels, without going through the hassles of owning one. All you need is to choose the right car rental company.

KTC India is one of the pioneers of luxury car rental services in India. Since 1942, we have grown to become India’s one of the top-most luxury car rental companies. The experience we have gained through the years has helped us create a wholesome customer experience for each of our customers. Our team works relentlessly to provide the best long-term luxury car rental services.