What Makes KTC India one of the Best Corporate Car Rental Companies in India

What’s more enticing than offering premium transportation services for the pillars of your organization- your employees?

Therefore, when adding such elements to enhance employee satisfaction, you must consider hiring a premium corporate car rental company. It is also why more companies are leveraging cost-effective luxury premium mobility solutions through reliable car rental companies.

The car rental industry is one of the fastest-growing segments in the Indian transportation realm. Therefore, there are several service providers to choose from. To make a perfect choice, read this article, and know five solid reasons to choose KTC as your employee mobility solution partner.

But, first, understand explicitly what are corporate car rentals and why you need them?

What is a Corporate Car Rental Business?

A corporate car rental business is a transportation service that caters to employees of a company. It is an excellent way to create an impactful company culture.

Corporate car rental also helps you cut down the time that your employees take to wait for a taxi or spend in public transport, and encourages them to reach companies on time. In the context of your company’s profit, you reduce the money invested in vehicles and drivers.

Benefits of Employee Mobility Solutions

One of the common challenges that employees face is to battle the inconveniences of public transport, and the insecurities of traveling alone, especially at night. To overcome these challenges, you must consider offering employee transportation.

Despite an advanced road network, the waiting time for a taxi or public transport and heavy traffic can cause worries for your employees. With the soaring fuel prices, daily commute through self-owned cars also creates unwanted financial pressure on them. It may also impact their overall productivity and contribution to the company’s growth.

Long commute often comes with serious health issues like chronic neck and back pain, high blood pressure, low physical activity, and increased risks related to exposure to air pollution.

However, by leveraging a premium employee mobility solution like KTC’s employee transportation services you minimize these risks.

With KTC corporate car rental company as your employee mobility solution partner, you get the following advantages:

  1. Lesser Sick Leaves: With our chauffeur-driven luxury cars, you give premium travel experiences to employees staying far. It means they have no worries and hence lesser health issues due to stress due to long travel.
  2. Increase the Chances to Hire an Efficient Employee: Most deserving candidates drop out from joining companies because of a lack of commute facilities. However, if you offer luxury transportation facilities that make their long travels less tiring, you get to choose the right talent as the ones dropping out will be less.
  3. More Productive Work Environment: A long commute that includes passive seating, equals a drained mind and body. Your employee will reach the office with half of their energy wasted in travel.

Why Choose KTC India as Your Employee Mobility Solution Partner?

Let’s come to the crux of the article- Why us?

Why are we among the best corporate car rental companies in India?

Reason #1:

The Expertise of Three Generations

Our roots go back to pre-independent India. This gives us years-long expertise to serve our customers in the best possible way. We understand your requirements and that of your employees to give an optimum solution that fits your budget without comprising comfort, security, and luxury.

Reason #2:

Wide Range of Fleet

From private taxis to shared cabs, you get to choose from our wide variety of chauffeur-driven luxury car fleets. Our vehicles come with amenities like mobile charge, comfortable seats, soothing ambiance, customized music, and much more. All the vehicles are cleaned and sanitized regularly and are always in their best condition.

Reason# 3:

No Compromise on Safety and Security

Whatever service that you choose with us, the one thing that remains constant is the safety norms that we comply with. We hire all our drivers and staff as per the government terms and conditions. Whether you want to pick your employees from their homes or a public place like an airport or railway station, we ensure they reach the office safely and without any discomfort. We guarantee security even for the late-night rides for your employees, especially female employees, so they reach their homes securely without any worries.

Reason #4:

Everlasting Customer Relationship

We believcorporate car rental solutions to provide complete comfort and security.

We keep upgrading our fleet and knowledge to add options that ensure you give an amazing travel experience to your employees.

Reason #5:

Availability at All Major Metro Cities

We have expanded our services to various major metro cities including Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai- the places where corporations need our services the most. We hire drivers only after proper scrutiny of their driving skills. It ensures your employees reach safe even in bad traffic conditions.

KTC India- One of the Best Corporate Car Rental Companies in India

If you want a holistic employee mobility solution, partner with us. On-time and prompt, high-quality services at major locations pan India have made us one of the top corporate car rental companies.

Get the perfect employee transportation solution and discover the best corporate car rental deals with us now!